Food & Drink

Phenomenal growth for Food and Drink Industry in Aberdeen

Scotland’s food and drink sector has seen rapid growth over the past few years. For an industry that was almost stagnant in the early 2000s, it now boasts being worth £14.4 billion annually, with over 119,000 people working directly in its associated businesses and manufacturing plants. Regionally, the North East makes up a considerably large contribution to the country’s output; generating 17% of GVA despite being home to just 11% of the Scottish population.

Despite the growing success, the food and drink sector is not without its challenges. Raising capital, development of e-commerce, international competition, increasingly stringent regulations and factors effecting resources and manufacturing all play a part, so it’s vital that food and drink producers have their finances in good working order.

Giving you the Ingredients for Success

At Carnegie Knox we can assist with day to day record keeping and accounts preparation as well as obtaining tax savings via R&D credits and identifying VAT saving opportunities. We recognise the contribution that the North East makes to the success of the Scottish food and drink sector and aim to support local business to thrive amidst these ever growing challenges.