Agriculture & Rural

Accountants for Agribusinesses in Aberdeenshire

The North East is a major contributor to the overall agricultural output of Scotland. However the sector faces numerous challenges, mostly due to changing government policy, market trends and environmental influences. There are also particular issues inherent to the Aberdeenshire area, such as distance from markets, the unpredictable climate, less employed labour and the intensity of production resulting in higher fuel and fertiliser prices.

New ways of working the land have also emerged over the past 10 years with an increasing number of business owners expanding into new areas such as land/property rentals and home-stay, as well as alternative livestock or crops such as oil seed rape, specialist clothing manufactures and countryside sports. As a result accountants for agribusinesses have never been more important to help owners manage their finances effectively and profitably.

Nurturing Your Business from the Ground Up

We know that specialist businesses such as agriculture have unique practices and conventions. We can assist with tax compliance and legislation specific to the agricultural industries, including opportunities for business property reliefs and agricultural VAT schemes. We can also provide annual business accounts preparation, VAT planning or administration and general day to day bookkeeping services.