Why Choose Carnegie Knox
as Your Accountants

Advice You Can Trust

Traditional accountants will often just go through the motions of processing your records to help you meet basic statutory compliance requirements and only provide limited advice.

At Carnegie Knox we do things differently. We offer an advisory service for contractors with their own companies or those who are just starting out on their contractor journey. We are proactive accountants that can assist with everything from setting up your company, regulatory reporting, management accounts, tax efficiency and expatriate tax.

Our aim is to look at the bigger picture and help contractors minimise their current outgoings and therefore maximise their future wealth. We do this through giving advice on an ongoing basis rather than at a review date, which naturally encourages a collaborative approach. This means we are far more in tune with your business and your needs.

Our Values

Our forward-thinking methods and cooperative thinking are directly reflected in our key values:

Transparency – building strong relationships is paramount to our business model. We work hard every day to earn the trust of our customers by simply being honest and transparent. These principles are reflected in our clear pricing structure where we prefer to discuss fees openly and agree costs up front.

Proficiency – we are a well-established accountancy firm and we invest heavily in staff training and new technologies. We are also Free Agent Accredited, which means clients benefit from the use of new cloud based software which allows you to track and view your accounting records in real-time from wherever you are. We see ourselves as enablers to your business. With our support and guidance we can help you make your venture a success.

People Focused – we like to do business with real people and get to know our clients. Anyone working with us will be appointed a Client Manager to act as their key contact, helping with the big decisions and providing ongoing assistance whenever it’s needed. We aim to work seamlessly as part of your team and are generous with our face-to-face time and advice.